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How to manage the FDM-DUO through the EXT I/O port ?

To manage the FDM-DUO through the EXT I/O port it is necessary to handle a serial communication.

This serial communication (pin 6 and 7) is an UART model communication with 3.3 volts level and 115200/8-N-1 settings.

Pin 7 "RX DUO" is the input to the FDM-DUO and accepts all the CAT commands of the Set type. For example :
   - the Set command FA00014150000; is accepted,
   - Read and Answer command types are not supported, i.e. send the Read command FA; will not produce the Answer FA00014150000; .

Pin 6 "TX DUO" is the output from the FDM-DUO, data provided on this pin are described in the protocol available here.

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