Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the FDM-SW2 software ?

ELAD provides two installation packages on its website (link) :
  • the first one called "Complete" : it must be used for the first installation of the software, launch the file "setup" or "setup.exe" to start installation,
  • the second one called "Only Installer" : it may be used to upgrade the software to a newer version, it means that you already have a version installed and you want to upgrade to a newer, just launch the file "ELAD_FDMSW2Setup" orĀ "ELAD_FDMSW2Setup.msi" to start installation.

ELAD allows to change the installation folder but recommend to leave the default one.

FDM devices are shipped with an USB stick with the "Complete" package.

 Last updated Thu, Jan 10 2019 10:49am

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