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FDM-DUO 2m Operation
  • To unlock the DUO (up to 165MHz): low pass filter must be off, check menu #2 "RX LP" and output must be set to 0dbm in menu #33 "TX OUT"
  • output is on the 0dbm sma socket
  • to unlock SW-2 open FDMSW2SwSetup.xml with an editor and search for UnlockDUOt at the bottom of the file. Set it to 1.
  • RX antenna jack can be used for VHF antenna (so HF ant on RX/TX and VHF on RX can be connected at the same time)
  • external preselector needed & amp if you need more than 0dbm output (this is 1mW).

 Last updated Sun, Jul 26 2015 7:17am

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