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How to tune over the 6m band ?

To tune over the 6m band, internal preselectors have to be correctly configured. In fact, the maximum tuning frequency depends on the internal preselectors settings. For details, see section "3 Preselectors Description" of the FDM-DUOr manual available here. Note that only the first three slots can be used to tune over the 6m band.

The FDM-SW2 software must be unlocked to operate over the 6m band. Starting from version 3.50 it is enough only to disable the option Lock FDM-DUO Max. Freq. in the Settings window.

For previous versions the procedure is different and is as follows : open the file FDMSW2SwSetup.xml with a text file editor, search for UnlockDUOr label and set it to 1. For details see "Annex C - Configuration Files" of the FDM-SW2 manual available here.

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