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How to manage FDM-DUO and FDM-DUOr from FDM-SW2 ?

Use the "FDM-DUO Stand Alone Control" panel.

To open this panel click on the "FDM-DUO" button on the top of the FDM-SW2 main window.

Then more settings are available clicking on the "FDM-DUO MANAGER" button.
  • FDM-DUO memories (with frequency, mode and label) can be edit. Note that they are not the FDM-SW2 memories which are managed from the "Station Memory" tab of the "Setup" window.
  • Backlight colours of the various FDM-DUO states can be changed.
  • Internal preselectors can be configured (only for FDM-DUOr).
  • External preselectors (QSF-06 and SPF-08) can be configured (only for FDM-DUO).
  • CW messages can be modifed and added (only for FDM-DUO).

 Last updated Thu, Jan 10 2019 10:49am

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