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Are there band and PTT outputs for Amplifier ?

There is no band/frequency output available directly from the FDM-DUO. 

Alternatively you can control an amplifier in two ways :
  • via the FDM-SW2 software (e.g. for Expert 1K-FA; connect the amplifier to a serial port of your computer, in FDM-SW2 set the CAT Mode to Standard and select the serial port and correct baud rate for RX1, then set the Yaesu protocol on the Expert,
  • via the EXTIO232 Interface, see here for details.

PTT output for amplifier is located on the rear panel, it is a 3.5mm jack (below the PTT-OUT label) and it is rated 20V/200mA.

 Last updated Thu, Jan 10 2019 10:49am

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